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"We didn't buy a bag, we bought a better life."

Why do we love to buy a bag?

Because the bag will never betray us.

It is whether we height and weight.

It doesn't have any requirements for our body.

Weight 50 kg or 100 kg, can carry the same bag!

It can not only go beyond the height and weight, it can go beyond time, beyond the trend -- a classic bag, no matter how long it would not be out of date, will become even more scarce.

Why do we love to buy a bag?

Because it is the only light in our ordinary life.

Life can do more bad?

But this time, see last month to buy a new bag, so it has the texture, so beautiful, so shiny, it makes us feel that our life is not so unbearable.

We are not nothing, we have a good bag.

Why do we love to buy a bag?

A lot of people do not know, girls sometimes rely on goods to remember the time.

Stranger always think we love to buy bags, too material.

In fact, we don't just buy a bag, buy is the mood, is memory, is the reward, motivation, is the heroic dream in the exhausted life.


A contemporary brand founded in 2016, ANGTI&YANG brings a modern,

minimalist edge to the stylish chic silhouette. Its signature look revisits tradi-

tional feminine design, updated for an urban "Boy-Girl chic" aesthetic.

With vibrant energy, ANGTI&YANG represents an ever-

evolving sense of love and fun, infusing life into contemporary fashion.