Massimo Giorgetti left EMILIO PUCCI dedicated to MSGM

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Leademail: Massimo Giorgetti leave EMILIO PUCCI, to wholeheartedly into the personal brand MSGM.

Massimo Giorgetti left EMILIO PUCCI
Massimo Giorgetti left EMILIO PUCCI

EMILIO PUCCI officially announced that creative director Massimo Giorgetti left, designer and brand two-year contract is about to expire, the two sides decided not to renew the peace break, Giorgetti will leave this month, his final work in EMILIO PUCCI will be 2018 early spring series. 2015 Giorgetti officially entered EMILIO PUCCI, the first series is 2016 early spring. It is reported that the reason designers leave is to put more energy on the personal brand MSGM, the brand was established in 2009.