Yang is the man behind ANGTI & YANG, didn't have a fashion background, he set up on his own in 2017, just the desire to bring you a high quality, stylish, affordable bag.

For this idea, starting with the zero foundation and learning the handbag industry, he spent 1,5 year to organize a good quality supply chain. With a loan of $37k, a passion for product and endless ambition, forward to the present day.

Above all else, he creates an infinite dream and builds it step by step: Inspire you to pursue your own dreams.

brand concept

Founded on three pillars – good design, quality and elegance, ANGTI & YANG aims to deliver functional and eye-catching products.

Dedicated to the everyday style of modern women, every handbag is inspired by the minimalistic modelling of the art language, as we striving to combine functionality with artistic designs, and seeks to express women’s inner strength and romantic desires through our unique aesthetics.

brand style

Base on minimalism style, add to advanced aesthetic taste. Use design concepts on colour, materials and crafts, Unique in detail.


Our bags are made from 100% genuine European and North American leather. Each bag is expertly handcrafted to look and feel soft and supple, yet lightweight.

We also invested a lot of high-quality microfiber lining, other brands think that using it is too expensive and profits will be reduced. For us, top quality cannot be compromised.

product quality

As an independent designer brand, our efforts, intelligence, and integrity are presented through our commitment to  make high quality products.

We make concerted efforts in ensuring excellent material and technical quality by following high standard and detail-oriented production guidelines.

We guarantee free return or exchange if our products do not exceed your expectations.